Friday, 1 July 2016

At the Top of The Town.

After a day's break, we were off again - showing Cathy and Robert (Robyn's Mum and Dad) around London.

It was gruelling.

Robyn had booked tickets to the 'Walkie Talkie' at 20 Fenchurch St. They are still free!

On the way we stopped of at 'The Monument' which was built to commemorate The Great Fire of London;

These days it's dominated by the tower blocks all around - when it was built it was challenging the tallest buildings in London.

We got to the tower and negotiated the security - it is always worth it;

Tower bridge was looking good and we were even able to see Canary Wharf. The tube trains look like toys in the distance;

The height makes the old 'Post Office Tower' look quite close to St. Pauls Cathedral;

While we felt we could touch 'The Gherkin'.

But we had a long way to go before we were finished;

I'll post the rest tomorrow.

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