Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Derek Nash and John Etheridge at The Red LIon.

On Monday, I was pretty much exhausted - we did have a night out to see the Jazz at The Red Lion, Isleworth, because one of my favourite saxophonists was playing.

Derek Nash;

As you can see, he had his baritone sax with him as well as the usual Tenor and Alto.

And the little soprano;

Which, as I often say, he must have left in the washing machine just a bit too long.

He is a very expressive, lively and bright player - which is why he's on the TV and at the best venues so often.

I missed 'Comin' home', which he always used to play but there was blues, there was style (Jimmy Smith) and a whole lot more.

His friend John Etheridge was there too, playing some very fine guitar;

Along with Val Mannix on bass, Ted Beament on Keys and Trevor Tomkins on drums.

A very fine evening, even if I wasn't at my best.

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