Monday, 11 July 2016

Angela Eagle's crocodile tears.

Angela Eagle is due to announce her much delayed challenge to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of The Labour Party this morning.

But we all thought she was going to do it a week ago - and so did she.

On 4th July, Andrew Pierce wrote a piece in The Daily Mail headed; " Eagle plots her Labour Coup in a Luvvie eyrie; Potential leadership challenger planned tactics in London's £1000 a year Ivy Club"

Pierce went on to describe the exclusive 'Ivy Club' as;

"Much loved by celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Queen guitarist Brian May, the achingly cool private members’ club is the last place you would find Corbyn, who prefers to relax on his North London allotment."

In fact it's a private area above the incredibly expensive 'Ivy' restaurant.

The Mail's source overheard a conversation between Eagle and two advisers on Friday 1st July, discussing whether she should mount a leadership challenge on the 4th or the 5th of July.

The source quoted her as saying;  ‘I shouldn’t have cried,’ in a reference to her 'breaking down' in an interview on radio 4 about Corbyn.

One of the advisors replied "It made you look human but you can't do it again".

It seems to be a characteristic of the Blairites - last week we saw Tony Blair's cynical use of 'emotion' in his post Chilcot press conference.

Now we have Angela Eagle (who is no push over at all), her voice cracking with emotion, whenever she wants it to.

She may be a lot more emotional soon - last week at a packed meeting, her constituency party overwhelmingly passed a motion calling on her to back Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

We'll see how that plays out after she announces her challenge.

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