Friday, 2 December 2016

90000 Thanx!

It may be freezing cold but it was still nice to take this picture; 

Many thanks to every one whose taken the blog so far. It's been really hard work at times and this Sunday is actually the fourth anniversary of me sitting down in Café Nero to start it all off.

Back then I was a carer, sat at home making up silliness every day.

Then I got some new medication and a short new lease of life and the Blog became a series of adventures.

Now I'm back where I started, stuck indoors but still scheming.

Meanwhile we are waiting for the announcement of the 'STP's' or 'Sustainability and Transformation Plans', which will group many hospital trusts into one administrative area and which brings much more scope for closures and mergers to save money.

Even though Ashford and St. Peter's is a likely loser in this process that still gives the Blog plenty to do, plenty to fight about.

Because, as you would know if you had read 'The Merger Mania Series' on my archive; mergers have not brought greater efficiency or better outcomes for patients and staff.

And I'm still waiting for a much postponed inquest on a death of a patient from St. Peter's Accident and Emergency department to take place, which needs to be reported.

So plenty of work to do.

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