Monday, 12 December 2016

Egham Band at Christmas.

So, Saturday night in the rain, we headed off for Egham and a night with 'The Egham Band' playing Christmas music.

We actually went very, very early because last year we nearly didn't get in; this year we found the church locked and dark....puzzling!

In fact they'd moved to a bigger place and, with a bit of luck, we found it. This time we were the first in!

This is Gareth Green the musical director;

The band is a huge achievement, striking a difficult balance between fun and completion standards which makes it a joy to hear them play . In addition to the band there is also a growing youth band who have their own slot in the concert.

There were lots of Christmas favourites but perhaps not as many as last year. It was more serious although that certainly paid off when they played 'Gloria In Excelsis Deo', with the cornets high up in the balcony.

But I'm not religious and for me the smaltzy, fun and sometimes tacky Christmas music is what I like best.

The band will be playing on Egham High Street on 17th December at 1030 am and we may pop down to take another look.

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