Friday, 23 December 2016

Busy day.

I'm not particularly happy at the moment - tomorrow morning we've got a very early start so that I can make it to hospital to have another scan done. I'm not expecting good news but that will come after Christmas.

We had a busy day; in the morning we went off to Tesco's to do the Christmas shop because we can't do it tomorrow.

This is one of the managers who was kind enough to let me take a photo of his spectacular Christmas suit;

We got everything (as far as we know) and made it home in one piece. I had a rest and then started on our Christmas wreath.

Here are the raw materials;

I'm afraid Robyn gave up on me over some artistic differences and I ended up doing it all myself. Last year I got a bit over enthusiastic and made a wreath so big we couldn't actually get it on the door.

It was so big it was the kind of thing they put around the neck of a horse that's just won a big race.

It was so big it was the kind of wreath that US presidents have two marines put on a stand for them and then they go up to it and pretend to adjust something - as though they were putting the finishing touch to it.

It was so big it was the kind of thing you see at the funeral of an Oil Sheikh.

I imagine you've got the picture by now, so I tried to make it a little bit smaller.

I'm not sure if I succeeded with that but I did get it done.

Now all we need is some Mistletoe........hmmmmh.

Then in the afternoon we went into Staines, so all in all I had quite a strenuous day.

Wish me luck for tomorrow - scans don't usually go well for me.

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