Sunday, 11 December 2016

Wraysbury Christmas Fayre.

An eventful Saturday, good and bad in equal measures. The antibiotics are doing their work and even better than that, my pain continues to improve. It's just a blip, I know that, but I'll take a blip right now.

We were going out in the evening but we also had a busy afternoon.

I had to clear out the drain cover - full of slimy leaves and stopping the waste water getting out.

I had to try and put back together one of our fence panels that some kind person kicked in on Friday night - the second time it's happened this year. I haven't fixed the first one yet!

And then we went to the first ever Wraysbury Christmas Fayre, which meant the high street was actually closed to traffic. There were stalls, fairground rides for children, a Santa and a very tall elf;

However it rained on us and I got into trouble with Robyn for grumbling that the event was hijacked by the church for what turned into a prolonged religious service. I ended up going for a walk.

It would have been a lot of hard work to put this on and I'd imagine it will happen each year from now on, getting better as it goes along.

Both Robyn and me are finding it quite hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year but we'll keep trying.

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