Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

I'm amazed to have made it through 2016 although as it's not over yet, perhaps I shouldn't speak too soon. Mind you, I nearly didn't get through the infection I got last month - I was lucky to survive that.

It's been an agonising year; I spent twelve months on three different types of Chemotherapy and none of them worked.

The summer was a washout; grey, wet and miserable. On the few sunny days I was usually ill.

I missed out on a dream holiday, as usual.

But it was a good year in one respect - Robyn and me got married, although no thanks to Theresa May and The Home Office who did their best to deport Robyn and then, when they lost, made us postpone our wedding yet again.

In the end we had about 6 and a half weeks to prepare everything. And we made it, somehow.

Otherwise it's been a year of diminishing horizons.

So, while I'm really not looking forward to 2017 at all, I would like to wish everyone who reads this Blog a very Happy New Year!

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