Sunday, 4 December 2016

And then there were three.

We did it!

Or at least, Robyn made me do it - I didn't feel like doing anything at all but Robyn got me to go to the dump again.

And it was OK - we got rid of the mixer, the fluorescent light fitting and Robyn's old TV. I feel as though I've thrown out a big chunk of my family past.

The dump has been completely reorganised and seemingly has a lot less customers than it used to. I've no idea how that works out - I suspect it means a lot of old TV's end up dumped on the roadside.

At least we got rid of one of ours!

We still have three left and only a third of them aren't working. 

The problem is, it's the heaviest one that's broken....and we don't have anywhere to put a Christmas tree because we still have two TV's sitting in the front room.

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