Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Day.

I hope you all had a happy Christmas. We continue to have problems; I want to do it on London time, Robyn on Philladelphia time and that just doesn't work out.

Here's a wonderful present I got  from Robyn- a retro box of Liquorice straight out of my childhood;

It's just that I seem to remember you got a lot more for your money when I was young!

We had a great dinner;

And a fine pudding;

And then I turned on my computer late at night and learned that George Michael had died - a great talent, a soulboy all the way down to his whitesox, progressive politics, 'Out and Proud', and a very serious writer even when his songs seemed shallow.

A huge loss made all the more unfair when a ruthless, greedy and talentless waste of space like Mick Jagger lives on.

Neil Harris
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