Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Shopping.

We did some of the Christmas shopping today - I wish I could say that this was me;


It isn't, it was taken last year when I was a lot better together.

This morning we meant to go early but I couldn't get up on time and I felt fairly terrible as we struggled around the store.

Midway through I got a nosebleed, which happens quite a lot, and spent the rest of the trip hearing a little girl telling her Mum over and over again that "That man has a tissue stuck up his nose".

That wasn't as bad as a couple of years ago when one nosebleed was so bad I had to make use of a pack of frozen sausages to control it.

We more or less got  the stuff we needed. I haven't got any presents yet and we've still got to get the fresh stuff later in the week.

I can't say it's easy to get into the spirit of things when you aren't too well.

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