Sunday, 12 March 2017

A week.

Another tough week over and, while I can't say I'm that well, I'm OK.

Thanks to Robyn I've got anti virus protection for my computer, which means I'm still connected. She ordered it online. Robyn also ordered the shopping online - my car was off the road. I haven't missed a shop since I last broke my back.

I've sorted the car out now - it has a shiny new clutch plate thanks to my Polish mechanics. They have been great in the three years I've been using them. They have a very small workshop, don't cost too much and don't rip you off.

All of which was wonderful but now (partly thanks to me) word has got out and they are so busy that my car waited three days outside their garage before they could fix it. I still need an MOT and a service but that can wait a week.

I'm back on the road and it isn't agony changing gear!

I finished the radiotherapy (by bus) and we went to see 'The Ceremony of the Keys' at The Tower of London.

The broken vertebrae in my back has started to hurt less than it did - lying in bed isn't the agony it was a week ago and the chemo has definitely helped.

Definitely a week to remember!

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