Monday, 20 March 2017

The Key to The Magic Kingdom.

I took this picture last week, while we were waiting for the blood test to release my Chemotherapy drugs.

We went off for a coffee and on the way I picked up this key;

Robyn has made it very clear that it's not the key to my heart as she has that already, so I can only assume it's the key to The Magic Kingdom.

I've had a very quiet weekend sitting bolt upright in a chair because of my back.

I don't think it's helped much but it stops me going into spasms.

I was dreading this morning - you know when you set the alarm but you wake up long before it goes off and just lie there......waiting?

I had to take my car in for it's service and MOT, which is urgent. Luckily I managed it - and with Robyn with me I managed to walk back home half a mile without problems. I did take a painkiller and it is hurting now.

This afternoon I have to walk back and collect it.


Then I've got a prescription to collect, I've got to sort out some bills in Staines and after two or three days I have to renew my Tax Disc. This is worrying me and I don't even have to pay for it because I'm disabled! But I have to go to a main Post Office with my MOT and paperwork and get a receipt for not having paid anything and if I don't do it I commit an offence.

It's all driving and walking and I'm not happy about it.

On the other hand, I do have the key to The Magic Kingdom.

So that's alright then.

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  1. Keep that key and keep taking the pain killers. Just taking one doesn't help.