Sunday, 26 March 2017

Laughing at me.

I had a really lousy night and what makes it worse, I'd thought things were getting better. At about 5-00 am I started to get uncontrollable spasms in my back every so often and for no obvious reason.

It was very painful.

I took some painkiller, which has helped me get out of bed before but the spasms carried on and they still hurt......a lot. I was beginning to imagine I would never get out of bed.

Then, I had the worst ever spasm for no reason, which was absolutely agonising. I decided that whatever happened it wasn't going to get any worse and I just got out of bed.

Which hurt but was OK.

These days I'm back on a walking frame, which is very disappointing.

I think I'm going to be spending tonight sleeping in the armchair which will give my back some extra support. 

And the last two days the sun has been shining, laughing at me.

Neil Harris
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