Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Picketing The Home office with The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

Well, the big day arrived and we headed up to town to support The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and their demand for an independent public enquiry into the policing of the Miners Strike and the role of the Tories and the State.

We got there very early, which I'd planned so that I could have a sit down before the picket started.

Here I am, banner in hand, in my big bad boots, looking fairly pleased with myself with my 1984 Miners Strike badge on;

We came prepared to make a noise; Robyn had my train whistle and some rather fetching bell earrings. 

I had my bells to rattle and here you can see me using them before anyone else had arrived;

It didn't take long for the crowds to gather - there were coaches from Yorkshire and Manchester.

It's a crime scene;

Soon The P.C.S. (Civil Service Union) Samba band arrived from the North West;

That soon woke up The Home office;

I was also one of Mrs Thatcher's "Enemy Within" and very proud to be so;

I took a load of photos - especially of the many Trades Union Banners that were being proudly held. I'm going to do as special feature on them tomorrow.

Here's a specially decorated taxi cab, part of the campaign against Rupert Murdoch's Sun 'newspaper' which has been led from Liverpool by the Justice for Hillsborough Campaign who have been supporting The Miners. Both groups were lied about by Murdoch's dirty papers;

These sisters are some of the organisers of the protest and were also members of The Women's Miner's Support groups that played such a big part in The Great Strike.

They were beating out a fine rhythm;

And I can certainly agree with this;

There were many speakers representing the campaign groups and Trades Unions who were supporting the picket.

This is one of the leaders of The Rail and Maritime Union who were on strike today in three rail regions, fighting to preserve passenger safety on the trains; 

I was very pleased to see Andy Burnham (Labour MP, Shadow cabinet member and likely next Mayor of Manchester) who strongly supported The Miner's Campaign.

And Robyn couldn't resist a selfie with Dianne Abbott, Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary who also pledged an independent enquiry.

We were there for about two and half hard hours, rattling bells, blowing whistles and generally making our protest heard.

And at the end there was a traditional blocking of the road!

So, tomorrow I'll post some of the historic banners and put up a little of the Labour Movement History they portray.

A splendid day, even if by the end of it I could hardly walk for the pain.

It was worth it, every single step.

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