Monday, 6 March 2017

Bridget Reilly at Charing Cross Hospital.

I'm posting a couple of pictures from the Radiotherapy department at Charing Cross Hospital - I'll be there tomorrow, all being well.

It's my last session, I'm not sorry - I've been out of action all weekend recovering from the first four.

Unfortunately, my car is now off the road and we've got a fairly tortuous journey to make by public transport, which I'm not looking forward to at all.

Also, I haven't been able to renew my internet security on time and this may take me 'off air' for a while.

These two pictures are of lithographs supplied by The Imperial College healthcare Charity Art Collection.

They are by Bridget Reilly, who was famous in the 1960's for creating 'Op-Art'; pictures made up of tiny black and white tiles in painstaking, intricate patterns.

Some of these created optical illusions; colours where there weren't any or even movement.

Years later, Reilly had a holiday in Venice and experienced an epiphany in St. Marks square. It had been raining and the ancient cobble stones reflected the bright colours of the Doge's Palace.

Ever since she has used coloured tiles to make her patterns like this one which is a favourite of mine;

This one works in a bigger room but I don't like it so much; 

I'm glad they are there though.

The Art Fund has had a long relationship with the artist - she has been very generous to the group of five hospitals it covers.

Two years ago when I first broke my back I had to make a hard journey by car and train to St. Mary's Hospital - using a walking frame through rush hour.

No fun!

I'd hoped to see one of her murals there but it wasn't where my scan was and I wasn't well enough to explore.

She has made three separate murals over the years - filling three corridors with bright stripes of radiant colour. I may get a chance to see them one day, in the meantime here's a picture taken from the internet.

Bridget Riley mural

I'll see you when I see you.

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