Thursday, 23 March 2017

Breaking up is hard to do.

I was doing really well and then yesterday I just ran out of steam.

Monday I took the car in for it's service and MOT - it turns out that it's healthier than I am. I find that hard to believe - so did the mechanic.

Tuesday we went into Egham where I had various things to sort out - sorted them out and then went to a different supermarket and got catfood for our very fussy cat.

By the time we got home I was in a lot of pain and at night started having some serious and really painful muscle spasms in my back.

So the things I meant to do on Wednesday didn't happen.

After a day off, sat bolt upright in a chair trying not to move I wasn't really any better.

This morning I was in agony when I got up.

We need to do the shopping, I need to collect a prescription and then order and collect the meds and then I need to sort out my Tax Disc for my car.

It would be nice to just prioritise but it isn't that simple - it's a question of what I can do and that isn't always the most obvious choice.

I managed some of it - got my prescription, put it into the chemist at Tesco, got part of it then and ordered the rest, did the shopping and was fine until I got to the frozen food section when me, my back and everything just started to give in on me.

We got home and I got back into my chair, hoping to repair whatever damage I've done.

I still have to collect the meds when they come in and I need to sort out a Tax Disc for my car because even though as a disabled person I don't have to pay for it I still need to get to a main Post office with all my documents and get a receipt for £0-00p.

That will be fun.

But I haven't given up and, so far, I've managed to avoid taking the really serious opiates, which is quite an achievement when your back is breaking up.

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  1. Neil do they have motorized scooters at Tesco? It helps to take the pressure off of your back while shopping.