Friday, 31 March 2017

Still alive.

I'm very proud of this picture - it's Egham Post office and I managed to get there yesterday.

For the last four or five days I've been trapped in an armchair, the last three nights I've slept in it because another of my vertebrae has cracked.

Today, I got up, got dressed and drove a whole two and a half miles, to walk the short distance to the Post Office and sorted out my Car's Tax Disc, just in time.

It's really odd - I had to produce my M.O.T. but it's all computerised these days. I also had to produce proof I was entitled to a free disabled Tax Disc but when I did I was brushed away and the Post Person just scanned the bar code on my Tax demand.

I came to the conclusion they make you come in just to show you're still alive.

And I am!

It was a beautifully sunny day, the last day of this cycle of chemotherapy (for the next two weeks), and I was out and about again.

When I got home my back started hurting again and although I made it back to bed, I had a rough night again.

But I am still in the game.

Neil Harris
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