Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Oh that scratch is making me itch.

After our adventures yesterday I've been having a very quiet day - I also have a few more tough days coming up so I need a rest.

I listened to some music on 'YouTube', which people had kindly posted without worrying too much about copyright issues.

One was a recording from a vinyl record and it had a few scratches and hisses, as they often do. I like the rounder sound of records but I like the convenience of CD's too.

Overall I don't mind a scratch.
This comment added by one of the world's great smarty pants is giving the person who posted the music some idea of how to 'improve' the recording;

"Horrible way to manage a LP. First you have to eliminate static electricity from both sides of LP, through a piezoelectric "gun". 

Second: use an arm dispenser where you put distilled water (real distilled, just for medical use for humans) and wash one time every side of LP. You have to use it even while playing, because the water lowers the temperature caused by the friction and lowers last static electricity. 

Third: You have to use a suppressor of scratch and impulsive noise by a good elaborators like those produced by Burwen (this brand produce two ones: one is a dynamic reducer of noise, the other one deletes impulsive rumours.

Fourth: Use an iperellittical stylus at a max 1,3 gr heavy. 5Th:

Record at once the album on a very good tape at 9 cm/sec speed or on a cd (by a digitalization). And hear only from this recorded/frozen support, leaving intact and new the LP. So, you will get a better result and sound."

OK, so that's sorted that out then.

Or you could just buy a CD.

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