Thursday, 13 July 2017

Home improvements.

We've been getting worried about Sydney the Grumpy Cat; she's taken to hiding behind a pile of junk and a chair in the hall, where we can't reach her. She's become increasingly withdrawn from us, except at mealtimes!

So Robyn made yet another 'Sydney Nest', even though the house is full of them.

Sydney grew up on the streets of Philadelphia and it's possible she was even born on the streets, growing up as a near feral cat. Sometimes she acts like it, like a cat that has had no contact with people. Sometimes she can be a bit of a softy. But not for long.

So Robyn took a cardboard box, sealed up the top, cut a small hole in the front and put a pillow in the bottom.

Sydney took one look at it and left. Even with treats and toys hidden inside she was unimpressed.

This morning we went shopping and before we left, Robyn took the pillow away. When we got back she was happily hiding in her box. Who knew?

Tonight she hid in the box and we pretended not to know she was in there. Every so often we heard her scratching at the cardboard - home improvements.

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