Thursday, 6 July 2017

Who knows?

I had another really painful day today, not helped by having to get up early, get washed and dressed and drive up to Hospital to see Dr Feelgood.

It was ridiculously busy and we only got seen about an hour late and then I needed an infusion to knit together my spine. We got out at lunchtime.

My bloods were a tiny bit better but far away from as much as Dr Feelgood wanted to see. I get another month of this chemo and, if I'm lucky, perhaps another month after that.

I'm not hopeful .... because of all the pain which is a bad sign. That being said, I was quite pleased because a month ago when I did the last blood test I was in a lot of pain too and feeling fairly unwell.

So who knows?

Then we struggled back to Tesco's and did the shopping and got back home, by which time I could hardly walk. So it turned out to be a very tough day.

But I've certainly got a summer.

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