Monday, 3 July 2017

Le Tour Foret D'Epping.

After being out of the house for about eight hours yesterday, today I was pretty much out of it all day, recovering. Although I didn't actually recover.

And it was quite a sad day for me too; three years ago I was standing by the side of the road at Epping High Street watching Le Tour de France ride by.

The race started this weekend in Dusseldorf and today was winding its way through Luxembourg and making its way back into France.

I wish I was there but standing at the side of the road for hours on end isn't going to happen any more for me.

It's a shame because three years ago I'd perfected my technique; you need to get to where you want to watch the race just as the Police are beginning to close the roads to traffic, so you can drive along the race route the wrong way, picking off where you want to watch from and choosing your parking place too. That way you get your car trapped in the closed off area and get a chance to find the ideal spot to wait at.

I'm a seasoned spectator these days. 2014 was my fourth Tour and probably the best - watched from a sprint finish three quarters of the way from the finish.

Of course I couldn't do it now but the thought of the race flying through France is very tempting. I regret that I never made it to one of the great mountain stages although I saw flat sprints and the final finish on the Champs ElyseĆ© which was unforgettable.


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  1. I realized today when I saw it was on TV that you were watching it this time last year.