Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Summer heat.

I had another day when I wasn't able to do anything - laid low by pain. It's not good.

In fact I managed to stay in bed until 7-30 which was really good. I normally have to get up by about 6-00am - the painkillers run out at 0430am.

I even did a few things, early on but then I ran out of steam quite quickly.

Late in the afternoon I forced myself to go out for a slow and painful walk in the full summer sun.

It was beating down, really hot. I loved it. Even if it knocked me out afterwards.

This 2015 poem just says it all;


Everything shines, turns blue, rustles,
The day is searing like a fruit
That the sun cracks and cooks.
Every little leaf is hot
And shimmers in the air where
A fragrance like plum lingers.
The sun like water rains down
On the whole land, yellow and blue
Sizzling and oscillating a little.
An infinite pleasure of living
Rushes forward from the drunken forest
Of pink wheat like copper.

By Monique Palomares 
English translation by Lisa Yannucci

Or something like that.....

Neil Harris

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  1. Wow really hot? Last year I was wearing a sweater in July. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.