Monday, 10 July 2017


I actually went somewhere today - just a chore but it's really the first time I've done anything since we went up to London on Sunday eight days ago.

I've been in lots of pain and even increased the painkillers I've been taking, which is not like me.

Even worse, I've been researching the chemo I'm on. Not a great idea, it's often better not to know.

It's horrific, lots of side effects which I've probably got. It's not even as though it's for my cancer. it was designed in the 1950's so it's crude and modern drugs are more effective.

It's so bad it's even carcinogenic itself!

At the moment I still can't work out if the cancer is getting worse, if it's side effects from the chemo or it's the osteoporosis caused by the drugs I've been taking up till now.

That being said, this afternoon when we went out It was slightly easier getting in and out of the car and I managed to walk along the high street for a while, if not all the way.

And the painkillers helped a bit which may mean it's improving.

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