Sunday, 23 July 2017

I choose the Mountain.

I lost another day - no sleep and then a wasted day while I was just......wasted.

I was cold all day (in July!) and then hot in the evening when it got cold.

I felt sick even though I've stopped the chemo. And everything was hurting when it shouldn't be.

I like this poem by Howard Simon, it sort of sums up where I was coming from.

The low lands callI am tempted to answer
They are offering me a free dwelling
Without having to conquer

The massive mountain makes its move
Beckoning me to ascend
A much more difficult path
To get up the slippery bend

I cannot choose both
I have a choice to make
I must be wise
This will determine my fate

I choose, I choose the mountain
With all its stress and strain
Because only by climbing
Can I rise above the plain

I choose the mountain
And I will never stop climbing
I choose the mountain
And I shall forever be ascending
I choose the mountain                         

By Howard Simon.

Neil Harris
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