Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Sydney the Cat is a drug addict - official.

Robyn and me have been laughing ourselves silly tonight.

Robyn read about the effect that Valerian root has on cats and she tried it out on Sydney the Cat.

I should say that many people give their cats Catnip, which they go crazy about. Unfortunately for Sydney the cat she is immune to catnip - it's all about her genetics. Sometimes, where catnip doesn't work, Valerian has a similar effect.

Anyway, Robyn had a jar of valerian pills, took the pills out and let Sydney sniff the empty jar.

She went crazy!

She lay on he back squirming, trying to get her nose right up into the jar. With wide open eyes, Sydney was wallowing around in ecstasy.

It's over now and in fact she has a slight case of the munchies. She is also just ever so slightly embarrassed, I think.

Now we have to look at getting hold of a supply of valerian root for cats!

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