Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014; My year of living dangerously.


Flooded, tired out, racing against time, drunk, baking bread, Blogging, Jazz Clubs, Punk Rock, nosebleeds, popping pills, making cakes, waiting in hospitals, getting on down to Funk, 365 injections, DM’s, Roberto Pla’s 20 piece Latin American orchestra, a day trip to Paris by coach travelling overnight both ways and then doing it all over again just because I could, ‘The Return of Django’, pain like you never knew it, Levi 501’s, soul, watching fireworks fifty miles away from the top of Boxhill on Midsummers Night, Diarrhoea, Ben Sherman, chopsticks, meeting the bravest people ever in Chemotherapy, seeing Jupiter and Venus next to each other, bleeding, wearing out shoes I never thought I’d wear out, ice cream, becoming an exhibit in The Museum of Water, Noodles, Bronchitis, Bridget Riley, Northern Soul, No Lip, fighting, cursing, arguing, losing, hurting, more Jazz, blood tests, being a MOD, being photographed by a lot of Japanese tourists who thought I was an exhibit at a Ska exhibition, protesting, looking at swans bottoms, picketing the bosses, discovering Single Malt Whiskey, feeding the ducks, popcorn on movie night, Café Nero, talking to strangers, eating ‘cake’ in an Amsterdam Café, Cigars, eating CousCous in the Arab Quartier of Paris, dancing, free Wi-Fi, looking at the Eiffel Tower from Montmartre, breaking the law, foot massages, staring death in the face, walking along the riverbank in the sweet summer rain, Ska, Lager, The Skinhead Moonstomp, loving life, The Hob, The Horns, laughing like a drain, queuing for the Proms, pain killers, chocolate, collecting sea glass on the Isle of Wight, feeding carrots to punk horses, watching shooting stars, growing a beard, in the front row watching the greatest British Soul acts, flying a kite, being a pain in the neck, not giving up, dreaming, giving a damn, not giving a f#$k…..Falling In Love.        


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