Friday, 5 December 2014

How to steal £1 Billion from the NHS.

I'm passing on this online petition organised by 38 Degrees the internet campaign group.

Stephen Dorril M.P. has been Chair of the House of Commons health Committee for four years. So what is he using that experience for?

The good of humanity?
To improve the NHS?
To make some big money while he can?

Dorril is working with KPMG, the global accountancy and outsourcing corporation, to help them with their bid to take over £1 Billion's worth of taxpayer funded NHS work.

Who would be in a better position to know which palms to grease, or as corrupt French cyclists used to say 'how to divide the salad'.

We need to stop this plunder - I would invite you to sign this petition;

Dear friends,

Have a look at this:

Stephen Dorrell MP, has just taken up a part time job with KPMG, a private company that wants to bid on a £1 billion NHS contract. But he refuses to give up his parliamentary seat.

Mr Dorrell has already said that he’ll step down at May’s general election because his new job is “incompatible” with his role as an MP. But he needs to decide now. Who is his boss, KPMG or his voters?  If thousands of us sign a petition David Cameron to show our outrage, the weight of public opinion could force him to intervene and sort this mess out.

Please remind David Cameron that being an MP is incompatible with working for a private company on a massive salary:

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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