Monday, 15 December 2014

Back at the Hob! Who'd have thought that would ever happen?

Saturday night when I realised I'd spent three solid weeks being ill and had only occasionally gone out to see a Doctor or go to Hospital there was no choice; we had to go to The Hobgoblin.

It probably wasn't that clever but we were stir crazy. Besides I wasn't going to pay for it till Sunday.

This is 'Tree House Fire', playing their own brand of reggae but they were desperately missing their regular bass player.

Tonight the lead singer was covering bass guitar, this is the lead guitar;

I really like Mocara ('my friend') and of course I'm a sucker for a badge;

They play an eclectic fusion of reggae, punk, ska and rock and roll. Then just to confuse an old buffer like me they always throw something else into the mix.

They played 'Beg, Steal or Borrow', which was their excellent single in the summer. If you Facebook them you can check out their downloads.

They were playing great and really benefited from the great sound at The Hob.

I still find it hard to cope with the fusion of so many genre's but that's just an age thing - Robyn was fine with it because she's a generation younger and grew up fusing music that my age group always kept separate. I'll have to learn to live with that.

What could follow that?

We love 'Eat The Evidence' and if nothing else, the band name does provide some fine and free legal advice.

We got some new songs but we were very happy to hear three old favourites;

There was serious political analysis with 'Tories go to Waitrose'.

There was some helpful insight into the complexities of human relationships; "How come you only ever want to F&#K me when you're drunk?"; 
But no Eat The Evidence show could ever be complete without 'The Van Song'. I thought the least I could do to improve the lot of humanity would be to post the chorus;
"I really like your van, it reminds me of the van I used to be in when I used to be in bands.
I really like your van, it's the kind of van I'm going to buy when I stop being in bands"
Which pretty much sums it all up really.
We love Eat The Evidence; they are witty, clever and fun. Check them out live and see why.They play from here to Central London so there's really no excuse.
It was a pleasure to make it to a very special Hob night - we are all very worried about the redecoration and relaunch in January.
Then again it's hard to imagine Jenson Nightingale presenting Murph and the Magic Tones on a Saturday night.
You may have to Google that band to see what I mean!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


  1. No! It's:
    "The man said I like your BAND it reminds me of a BAND I used to be in when I used to be in bands.

    I said hey I like your VAN it's the kind of Van that I'm gonna buy one day when I stop being in bands"

  2. But that makes no sense at all - then surely it should be called 'The band Song'?
    It's most confusing.

  3. I think it's called "When I used to be in bands", they say that line in most verses of the song.

  4. But it's 'The Van Song' - IT'S ABOUT VAN'S!!

  5. Maybe it's their only song featuring a Van. Maybe their other fans call it the Van man song like I do so they just adopted it.

  6. I'm going to lie down for a short while now.