Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why not?

This is Sid's shoe repairs and key cutters on the Fulham palace Road. I have a soft spot for it - I pass every time I go to Oncology at Charing Cross Hospital. His cobblers have entered into the Christmas spirit.

This month my blood test didn't go very well - I'll know for sure next month how bad it is.


I only made it because Robyn woke me up at 6am by banging cooking pots together next to my ears. At 7am she had to stick pins under my finger nails.

That worked.

I made it in ok...but it was a struggle. My first full day on my feet in three weeks.

Then they didn't like my chest at all and I was lucky enough to be seen by a doctor and given a chest X-ray there and then - well it took all day but I'm not grumbling.

Luckily for me it isn't pneumonia and the cancer hasn't popped up in my lungs yet - both possibles.

So now it's third time round for the antibiotics at double the dose. They'd better work soon, I need to get some fun out of this month.

These are armchairs made out of Christmas baubles - well why not?

Which was my view when I got back to Hounslow West, half dead and completely out of it. I bought a bag of the unhealthiest Indian snacks I could find in the wonderful shops near the station.

Why not?

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