Wednesday, 17 December 2014

29000 Thanx!

Wow! That was a tough night and I’d been so looking forward to it.

First time in three weeks I’ve slept a night in a bed – I’ve been sleeping in an armchair because my coughing was so bad.

It hurt. And I mean it hurt!

I think it’s because I’ve pulled muscles in my back and my ribs coughing and those muscles have gone slack in three weeks of being supported by my armchair.

Anyway yesterday morning I was in agony. Today not so bad.


We had planned to go out and watch The Geminids over the weekend; a storm of shooting stars.

It was so cold!

We went out on Saturday night and it was such a clear, bright sky it was freezing.

As we were admiring the stars from the front path we saw one huge, low, fabulous meteorite grazing the sky overhead.


I knew we wouldn’t see anything better that night so we gave up.

It was a really special moment.

There are many meteorite storms but most are fairly minor. There are websites which predict the times to watch but the best ones are always in August.

Wish me luck, I’d quite like to watch them again in the summer.


I’ve sent my first Christmas cards but I fear it’s too late – the last posting dates for abroad have been and gone.


I’m now spending most of my time with my Mum at Hospital – she became very ill on Monday night. Now I’m keeping a vigil.

Christmas seems like something other people do.

Presents? No.

Decorations? No.

Cards? Not sent.

Tree? No.

Shopping? A bit done back in October.

And then the Blog hit 29000 which is a big deal. I normally celebrate but you’ll appreciate that I’m not in the mood.

Instead Robyn G, May has posted a puzzle for you. What does this say?


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production) 


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