Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Geminids.

Robyn isn't working today and I've been pampered. It's not something I'm used to - I got breakfast in bed. Except I wasn't in bed. I spent the night sleeping in an armchair which is what I've been doing for over two weeks.

My bronchitis has been so bad the coughing put my back out.

Ouch! I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Last night I got a few hours sleep and this morning I only felt like an old man who spent the night in an armchair.

Believe me it's an improvement.

I'm not out of trouble yet so I don't know whether I will be well enough to go out looking for Geminids on the 13th and 14th of December.

This is a meteorite shower(shooting stars), caused when the earth passes through the trail of dust left by the tail of a comet.

Leading up to Friday night there is an increased chance of seeing a shooting star but the peak will be on Friday and Saturday nights.

Of course it may be cloudy or we may be unlucky. You need a clear, dark sky.

I've got my fingers crossed I'll be well enough to go out with Robyn to take a look like we did in August for the Perseids.

Good luck!

Neil Harris

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