Monday, 8 December 2014

News, at last

I'm hoping that this Blog might get a little bit more interesting and a bit less dominated by me.

Yesterday I managed to drive myself to hospital to see my Mum who is not well but has pulled through. It's fair to say that I was shuffling and wheezing like a very old man indeed. I wasn't exactly the safest driver either.

Tomorrow I've got a hospital appointment up in London (gulp!) and I thought I'd have a practise run this morning. Unfortunately, I was only able to get out of the house by 1045am; my appointment is for 1030. I'm going to have to work at that!

I did manage to pick up an old prescription from my Doctor's, pay an electricity bill, make lunch, pick up Robyn and do the shopping. OK, OK, Robyn did most of the shopping and the putting it all away but I was there.

It may work out, who knows?

If it does there might be something worth reading here again.

We'll see.

Neil Harris
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