Monday, 22 December 2014

Made it!

My family's sad vigil at my Mum's bedside continues - it won't go on too long now, I'm afraid.

Very, very sad.

Anyway, sometimes you have to put cancer in it's place, to tell it where to go.

I finally got well enough to get up on the loft although I had to wait till Robyn went out before I had a go!

It was a bit of a struggle; I've been ill for nearly 5 weeks and I've got a really bad back from coughing!

I did take the precaution of having a mobile phone with me in case I needed to call the Fire Brigade to get me down.

There was always a good chance I'd make it and now we have a Christmas tree, so it worked out OK in the end.

And as I said, sometimes you just have to do something stupid enough to tell cancer you aren't listening.

Neil Harris
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