Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Boot sale!

We decided to make our fortunes.....only it didn't quite go according to plan;

We hired a table at the local poultry groups 'Indoor car boot sale'.

It looked like a really good idea - everybody who paid to get in or had a stall got a free burger and a drink.

There was face painting and a balloon man for the kids;

I liked this penguin;

I decided to get rid of a collection of pottery I'd built up for no good reason, some 'beer glasses of the world', a selection of shot glasses, my 'glass fish' and I also took along a load of marmalade.

I have to say that I am a veteran of doing sales like these for left wing causes - done them all my life, so I know what I'm doing.

Robyn took a selection of her hand made jewellery.

We had a nice time but we didn't do very well and neither did anyone else. I think the problem was that the organisers didn't realise that the people who buy this kind of stuff can't really afford to pay a pound to get in.

Also, they thought that all they had to do was to advertise it on 'Facebook'.

Actually, social media doesn't always work as well as people think it does. usually you need to do some old fashioned publicity to get people along. 

Any way there weren't many customers.

That being said we had fun - most of all I was very disciplined and managed to not buy a load of rubbish I don't need which is what I usually do at these sales.

We got our free burger and a Becks and then got given a couple more vouchers too.

So we got a nice lunch and I had a trip down memory lane.....but we didn't get to make our fortune!

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