Sunday, 4 September 2016

Now there's three of us.

Late Saturday night we had to make an expedition to Heathrow Airport - no that's not it;

This looks more like it;

Robyn's cat 'Sydney' was flying in to town.

It's not fair - she's travelled further than I ever managed to in my life and she even got a 12 hour stopover in Amsterdam as well, although I don't think she enjoyed it.

Sydney's been looked after by Robyn's Mum for two and a half years until she started to make her ill.

We have to say a big thank you to Robyn's Uncle for paying for Sydney's trip - we couldn't have managed it ourselves right now. It's a wedding present!

I have to say that I am very much not a cat lover - I would have loved to have had a dog but I had to work long and unpredictable hours and I had someone to look after - I knew I couldn't cope with anything else.

Also I always wanted to travel and didn't want to have to look after a dog too.....

.....In the end I never got to go anywhere and didn't get to have the dog either, so I'm a bit sour about it all.

Now I've got a cat and I'm trying to come to terms with that unexpected turn of events.

Here's Sydney on the trolley;

Robyn adopted her (or she adopted Robyn) when she was a stray in Philadelphia.

The one chance I have in getting on with her is that she is one tough cat; when we spoke to the nice man at Animal reception he told us that they had decided not to let her out of the carry case as she was "a bit angry".

He also told us that when they had to scan her chip they decided to use the wand they use for Lions and Tigers so that they didn't have to go close up to her.

She's a punk, clearly an Alley Cat with attitude, I think I quite like that.

Robyn hasn't seen her for two and a half years;

But something must have worked out right because when we got her back she had something to eat and drink and was just......a bit of a pussy cat.

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