Monday, 12 September 2016

Sunshine and fish at The Lammas.

Sunday was another glorious day - warm and sunny. We spent a couple of hours at The Lammas at Staines and fed the ducks, at least we did when the swans let us.

The cygnets are getting big now, although it will be next year before they get their white suit.

As the bread floated downstream we saw that the fish were getting interested and I tried to get a picture as they came up to eat.


This time I got them;

Not easy because they didn't hang around.

We watched a group of young people with learning difficulties being shown how to paddle canoes and I was very happy I wasn't on a boat when we saw someone fall in the river as they were trying to tie up at the riverbank. That is no kind of fun.

There were lots of kids who were having fun; the crazy golf was open and the little train was doing good business.

Best of all, I managed to sit a while on one of the benches, just letting the sun flood over all over me. 

There haven't been many chances to do that this year.

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