Friday, 30 September 2016

Wokingham; here today and gone tomorrow.

We went to Wokingham twice but I'm not sure why we went there in the first place.

Anyway Robyn liked it and while we were there we saw some fantastic street art - which I like a lot.

We wandered around, looked at shops and had a coffee.

These pillars have been painted to brighten up a 1970's shopping development and some of them are quite good;

I liked this;

Anyway, we couldn't find the amazing street art on the way back - it's a town which has been carved up by a railway running through it and a series of one way streets that seem always blocked with traffic. We just couldn't find it and in the end I got tired.

When we came back we saw this door way to a community centre and shop;

This sign in the shop window was nice;

But, strangely, we always seemed to just miss out in Wokingham.

The community shop had just shut when we got there.

We saw some nice wood in a skip and we were going to pick it up on the way back to the car.......only to find the skip had gone in those few moments.


And the art work? In a matter of days that had all been covered up and new graffiti went up in its place. We couldn't believe it but that is the nature of street art - whether it's some kids tagging or it's Banksy......wait too long and it's gone.

I'll show you what was in it's place tomorrow.

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