Friday, 23 September 2016

My walking stick.

This is my walking stick - or rather it's the stick I started using in 2014 when I broke my back.

It's metal - I couldn't go on using my wooden one because in an emergency it really needed to support my whole weight.

It was unfortunate that no one spotted what had happened to me for 5 months, by which time it had all gone a bit too far.

But this stick got me through it.

The stick is adjustable - you can make it longer or shorter by moving it up or down a 'notch'. I use it at different heights depending on what I'm doing. 

Over the last two years I've distorted the 'hole'. You can see it here - the most used holes are now oval shaped instead of round;

You can see it better from the side - this show how the metal has been distorted;

There's a whole lot of pain in that walking stick.

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