Monday, 5 September 2016

Slough MotoCross.

I've been ill this weekend and irritable with it although on Saturday afternoon we did go out for an hour or so;

We went to see Slough MotoCross by the motorway, the entrance is just opposite 'The Myrke'. 

It's a motocross track carved out of an old rubbish dump - you join the club and pay as you go.

It was quiet when we were there - they told us Sundays are the busiest time but everyone is very friendly and there is a properly banked track.

Racing is divided up by age or ability.

And we saw some quite young riders having the time of their lives.

And some bigger ones too.

The track desperately needed some rain to damp down the dust that was blowing around.

But everyone was having a great time.

I wouldn't have minded having a go at that while I was able to.

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  1. wow .... look impressive , wish I could do that
    teefury , redbubble , threadless.