Saturday, 24 September 2016

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn.

This picture is from the centre of Liverpool a few weeks ago, one of over thirty rallies Jeremy Corbyn held up and down the country in the Labour Leadership campaign.

They happened everywhere from major cities to rural areas like Cornwall and they represent a new movement which has taken membership of the Labour Party to 540,000 not included affiliated members of Trades Unions.

I did eventually get a vote as a Trades Unionist myself but it was a real struggle.

Many people didn't - there are also lots of stories of people being denied a vote, then contacting the party to say that they were disappointed as they would have 'voted for Smith', as a result of which they magically got sent their ballot paper......and then voted for Corbyn.

Then there's 130,000 people who were denied a vote from the outset.

For the record Jeremy Corbyn won 313, 209 votes compared to 121, 751 a year ago and he pulled in 61-8% of the vote compared to 59-61% last year. 

So that's sorted out now.

End of.

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