Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Teasels in the sun.

We went for a walk at 'The Arthur Jacob Nature Reserve', which is only a couple of miles from us.

It sounds very grand but in fact, if I tell you that before this became a nature reserve it was known as 'The Horton Sludge Lagoons' you'll get a better idea of the place.

It's a highly polluted piece of former industrial land, which nature has been encouraged to take back from us.

On one side is an industrial estate, on another the road, on a third is a disused gravel pit and above a constant stream of planes from Heathrow Airport.

It's meant to be an island for nature with emphasis on reedbeds - but it's getting very dry these days, possibly due to climate change. 

It was still nice on a sunny day and the Teasels were running wild.

They are a kind of thistle but the seed heads are very hard and survive for months. they are also prickly and it means that this was once a valuable industrial crop used to 'tease' out felt so that it became soft.

One or two latecomers were still flowering, most were ready for winter.

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