Thursday, 1 September 2016

Feeling a little yucky.

I'm having an infuriating week - apart from feeling yucky, that is.

Yesterday we went to pay the council tax.

I'd normally do it by a cheque in the post but this month I'm trying to transfer my bank account to a new bank.

It hasn't happened yet, even though it's supposed to be really easy these days. I've even had an e-mail confirming that someone will contact me.

They haven't.

At the council they no longer have people to take your money - there's a machine with a touch screen which doesn't work.

So someone has to come out to show the long queue of people the special knack you need to get the screen to work.

In my case it didn't like my money either and kept spitting them out.

When they'd all gone in we couldn't find the building society I needed to go to, to get some more money out (should have done it the other way round, of course).

This morning we went shopping and now someone froze my computer and told me I had a virus and needed to ring a premium rate phone number to clear it.

If this happens to you, just go to 'task manager' to stop your internet connection and any link to the offending page.

Then run a scan on your virus protection just to check that they really were scamming you.

They were. Never ring anyone or open any attachments just because someone tells you to.

I'm still posting photos by putting them on Robyn's computer and getting her to email them to me.

Which is why there isn't a picture of me looking tired and annoyed in Maidenhead yesterday.

And at the end of the week something's happening that's going to make me quite grumpy too.

That's all.

Oh alright, here's that picture of me in Maidenhead;

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