Saturday, 17 September 2016

Necker Island.

I was back at Charing Cross Hospital this week and it didn't go so well; aside from waiting nearly two hours after we were due to be seen and watching people with later appointments than me going in first.....hurrrumphf.....the third and (as far as I know) last chemo isn't working.

We were both fed up - apart from anything else the weather was lovely. We both felt we might as well have just done the blood test, skipped the doctors appointment  and then gone out for the day.

It's just rain from now on!

The chemo has slowed things down but it didn't come up with the goods. I had another dose on Friday and (all going well) the last dose in three weeks time but I've been working my way through the chemo options for a solid 9 months now.

Each time when I should have got a result and a break I had to start the next one straight away. It's been tough, especially as I could have got about 18 months out of all this. 

Unfortunately, it didn't work out like that.

I did enjoy a new display of art at the front entrance; an art show for staff of the hospital organised by The Imperial College Art Charity.

There were lots of different works on show but I particularly liked this artists work;

He's W. James White from Charing Cross Trauma and Orthopaedics and I'm guessing he's a consultant because each of his pictures is from somewhere very exotic.

There's 'Storm Coming - Antigua', 'Ngorogoro crater' - Tanzania, and  Necker Island.

I'm very envious of those trips but I like his abstraction and he quotes some of the modern art influences I've enjoyed too.

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