Thursday, 8 September 2016

Suicide Squad; We're Bad Guys - it's what we do!


We finally made it - only about a month too late. We went to see 'Suicide Squad', the latest film from the D.C. Comic stable. We even saw it on a big screen!

It's my fault we were so late.......I couldn't face going.

The problem was that the film had the and I mean THE best ever trailer.

And if you don't believe me just take a look for yourself;

The thing is, that's the second go at a trailer - the first wasn't bad either.

My problem was that with a trailer that good, the film could never be as good.

It was a very close thing but it was OK. The film is different; darker and more sinister but it was actually worth seeing.

And it broke the iron rule that if the trailer is really good the film won't match up to it. 

Will Smith has all the best lines but there are some serious bits in between. There's even a story, sort of.

It's basically a remake of 'The Dirty Dozen'; nine of the worst villains in Gotham City are recruited from maximum security prison to become a secret government weapon.

Of course, it all goes very wrong and most of Midway City is destroyed in the process.

Works out all right in the end, though.

The reviews have been terrible but the cinema going public have been queuing up to see it.

Will Smith is as cool as usual, Margot Robbie is huge fun as 'Harley Quin', girlfriend of Jared Leto's 'Joker'. Leto himself is brilliant - sinister, frightening, funny and also just a bit likable too; the perfect super villain. 

I had the usual gripe that there was just too much CGI, at least the last section was too over the top for me.

No one else ever agrees with me about that.

I probably would have had less characters - it's a bit complicated. But, I don't have the criticisms of the 'normal critics', that it's too shallow.

It's a comic for goodness sake - it started out life in 2D and in black and white - people had to use their imaginations back then.

Best off all, they haven't killed off anyone important - they may be back!

Strongly recommended!

Neil Harris
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