Thursday, 3 April 2014

Back on my feet, Blogging.

Well, I got the final confirmation today of the news I got a fortnight ago; I’ve exhausted the usual channels of complaint – there are further steps I can take but as the Hospital is a reader of this Blog I won’t be sharing that with them.

So, was I moping about depressed and defeated?
Nursing my wounds, broken and alone?

Like F@#k I was.

And to think, if I'd won I'd have been thinking about hitting the delete button on the Blog, once and for all.
Now I'll just have to keep on Bloggin'.

Tomorrow night it’s time for

The SkaSouls


Time for Jazz.

The Pete Davies Quartet play modern jazz at The Barley Mow, Shepperton.

It’s not so spikey, not so cutting edge as I would like instead they play standards, the mainstay of Jazz. Still its stylish jazz played by great musicians, comfortable with their abilities, at ease with their Jazz.

Not demanding, not hard to listen to but reflective and cool.

I was late as I came in but I was in time to hear ‘Desafinado’ – ‘off key’, just the finest Bossa Nova (New Wave).

That was followed up by ‘Autumn Leaves’, an evocative and beautiful standard used by many of the best Jazz musicians to show off their skills. If you haven't heard it , you need to check out the Cannonball Adderley version with Miles Davis's trumpet solo on Bluenote records.

Not that I want to be thinking about autumn leaves this spring.

Here’s Pete Davies on the left and guest Pete Cook on the right.


 Nigel Fox was on keyboards, Malcolm Potter on Drums.

I’m afraid I missed the excellent bassist’s name – here he is behind Pete Cook.

There were a range of instruments on show – here is Pete Davis on his Clarinet.
Batteries recharged, back on my feet, ready for the fight to come.
I'll be Blogging now, to the end.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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