Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Why not?

ZFive Alive

On tour: 17-3-14 to 21-4-14

The High-s                                                                                  Scott Freeman

Throat Cut City                                                                          Bright Light City

Girl in the Garden                                                                     BRD

20 Yards behind                                                                        Devil Neck                           

T and the Mugs                                                                         Pete Davies Quartet

Trevor Tomkins Quintet                                                          The SkaSouls                                    

The Reggulaters                                                                        The Reflections

The Jeff Mack Quartet.                                                            Drum ‘n Bass.

Crossfire Hurricane                                                                  44 Fires                                                                                           

The Carnabys                                                                             UKID

Confessions of a Traitor                                                           Treehouse                                                                                            

The Wonder Beers

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Cancer Drug Fund

Of course it was all very silly but there was a reason for it. Back in March I was given an unexpected 5 weeks I didn’t think I’d have.

5 weeks of walking, of moving, of being.

What a shame it would have been to have wasted it.

What fun it all was – MOD music, Ska, Jazz, Drum ‘n Bass and a whole lot more – alternative rock and even The Mighty Rockgoblin.

An amazing time and won’t I just miss it now it’s gone.

Monday night, knowing that I had a rather sombre appointment looming with the long suffering Dr Feelgood at Charing Cross hospital early on Tuesday morning I decided that the only way of dealing with all that was a late night of Modern Jazz at my club (don't the words 'Jazz Club' sound really great?) with the incomparable Derek Nash playing his many Saxophones.


There were 4 saxes to match every mood and key – I came to the conclusion that he actually had only one sax but it was inflatable, like those ones you can take to football, just blow it up or down to suit any occasion.

The Baritone came out for Gerry Mulligan but there was also Thelonious Monk’s ‘Straight, No Chaser’ and the ultra cool ‘Comin Home’ written by Mel Tormé.

Nothing could follow that. Here’s the sax, deflated.


Click on any picture fopr a slideshow and better quality pictures.
Anyway, Tuesday morning and I was up really early, ready for almost anything.

I can’t believe it – it went well. I’ve got another 4 weeks.

Walking back down the Fulham Palace Road (Sid’s European Cup has been decorated with ribbons in Chelsea’s colours – bit premature there, mate.) you cannot imagine how good that felt.

Poor old Dr Feelgood is stuck with me a bit longer and so are you.

4 weeks? That’s a whole lifetime for me and I’ve got such plans.

May is looking particularly good and then on Friday I catch the;


Magic Bus!

Where am I going at midnight on Friday night?

Here’s where –


Can you guess where I’m going? What’s behind the balloons?

I’m not doing a competition because none of you ever bothers to enter anyway. But it’s somewhere very special and very exciting for me.

There will be a lot of amateurish photos, probably some arguments with waiters and there’s always going to be something completely unexpected happening.

There may be alcohol and I’ll be doing an injection somewhere totally outrageous. That’s outrageous in geographical terms rather than outrageous in…..well never mind about that.

You’ve never been on a coach with me before have you? You really have no idea what’s coming or where I’m going. Stick around for the ride.

My only rule is ‘Why Not?


Magic Bus!

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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