Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"This hospital should be condemned".

Every now and again I have to remind myself that I set this Blog up as a campaign to improve St. Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey and in particular its Accident and Emergency department – that’s where an idiot consultant sent me home with a displaced fractured ankle for a week.

So far I haven’t been doing so well as you can see from this entry I saw on the ‘Patient Opinion’ Blog on NHS Choices today (14/4/14) so it was posted a week earlier. This is an NHS Blog designed to allow patients to express their experience of treatment in hospital;

"This hospital should be condemned"

Posted by Anonymous last week

How anyone can give this hospital anything other than a one star rating is beyond me. Once again this hospital and it's staff have totally disgusted myself and my husband. My husband had an accident at work yesterday, witch left him with a serious deep cut on his thumb. He went to a walk-in centre who cleaned it, but said it needed to be xrayed and stitched if there was no bone damage.they sent us to st peters much to my dismay. We arrived at this hospital ,waited for an age then a dr looked at my husbands thumb. He asked where it hurt, not once did he remove the gauze that the walk-in centre had put on the cut. He then said we will X-ray it then put stitches in. Once again we waited an age, then he was called in for x-ray. Then waited an age again! By now we were starting to get very fed up as this is not a clean place to spend any length of time.. The Dr then appeared so I asked how long it was likely to be, the Dr told me that a nurse had been told to see to my husbands hand! Well when my husband finally got seen the nurse gage him a tetanus ,then said you can leave now!!! My husband asked about his thumb, to which the nurse replied oh yes I will dress it. The dressings was a plaster!!!!! So what happened to the x-ray result?and the stitches??? Last year a Dr tried to stitch my elderly fathers head without any local anaesthetic ! Whilst carrying her handbag around with her!!! A couple of years back they left my two year old granddaughter with a battery in her oesophagus. When my granddaughter started to be sick they then said they needed to send her to st georgesas they couldn't help her!!! Honestly anyone who attends this hospital needs to really think, as they really won't recieve any kind of proper treatment. Witch could result in some thing very serious happening. This hospital really does need pulling down and the staff either retrained or finding other employment.

Of course, it's not about the staff who are worked off their feet - it's about the way the A and E is run and the resources it has.
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