Tuesday, 22 April 2014

UKID at the Hobgoblin Rockgoblin.


Last of all from the 2014 Rockgoblin at The Hob – UKID.

It’s the second time I’ve seen them and it’s the same old problem every time. I take loads of photos and they all turn out rubbish because I can’t keep still while the band is playing. Does that tell you how much I like them?

First time round I had another problem; I don’t like seeing Apple Macs on a stage, they remind me of worn out pub entertainers playing backing tracks to their vocals. I got over it.

That’s not UKID even if they come from quiet old Glastonbury in Somerset, home of old Hippies and Ley Lines. In fact they pump out heavy rock, rap and DJ culture – how did that get all mixed up? But it works.

They are Ben-Jah (Lead Vocals), Glenn (Guitar), KJ (Bass), Joey (Drums) and you can easily find them on Facebook and everywhere else.

No drum tracks here – there are blistering drums from a drummer I can never get into focus.

There are also hard, rocky riffs – with lots of hair flying around.

They are a blast.

Then there is Ben-Jah with his laptop and his mike and some very critical politics of which this isn’t the best example but it made me laugh;

“David Cameron got stung by a jellyfish – some pretty #ing good karma”.

They do serious politics in an age when young people have never been so messed around yet never seem to get angry about it.

What’s the matter with you all – haven’t you seen UKID?

Then again given that Glasto is only a short distance from Bristol (home of the wonderful ‘Massive Attack’/ Wild Bunch, Banksy and a whole lot more) it isn’t really surprising; it’s a rebel city.

You can see some of their videos on YouTube although they don’t begin to capture the sheer excitement of watching them live and having your photo’s go blurry.

They are also currently ‘crowdfunding’ their new CD – trying to raise the money from their fans so that they can bring it out themselves without a record company – something this old punk can understand.

Have a look at their site, listen to some of their stuff and if they are back in the area, check them out – I hope to if I can.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production) 

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