Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Reflections at The Halfway House, Barnes.



Oh that was good – just about the best Wednesday night you can have. So good it means I’m late with my Blog.

Where did I go?


That’s where.

Cut open a mod and what do you find?

Soul, that’s what.

I went off to see The Reflections at The Halfway House in Barnes – that’s an 8 piece band playing the very best of Motown and a just little Northern Soul. Here’s most of them, packed into the smallest space possible right at the start of the evening before it all kicked off.


After that, I'm afraid, there was some dancing.
I have only the haziest recollection of what they played but I know I heard Otis Redding, Diana Ross, little Stevie Wonder and much, much more;

There was ‘Heatwave’ from Martha and the Vandelas, there was ‘Dancing in the Streets’, and there was Gloria Jones with ‘Tainted Love’ –that’s the Northern Soul favourite.

How about ‘Take me to the river’?

Oh dear, I’m swaying again. There was ‘Baby Love’, 'Jimmy Mack', 'Needle in a haystack' and then ‘On the Floor’ – another Northern Soul favourite.

When you are crazy enough to put together 8 musicians it’s never going to be about the money – it’s all about the soul. There was Drums and percussion, keyboards, Bass and lead guitar.

Then how about these three great vocalists;


I’ve seen Pippa in the middle and Sandy nearest the camera because I watched them guest with the mod band ‘Lord John’ back in February and they are the reason I had to make it up to Barnes tonight. Stephan is at the far end.

Each one of these three big voices took it in turns covering some of the soul classics, with the backing of the other two.

It all added up to a great night in a very small pub – this is a young band that’s crying out for a large hall and the dance floor to go with it. I don’t think it will be long before they get there either.

And then I just had to sneak a photo of those boots from one of the dancers – aren’t they great?

About four inches of attitude, I’d say.

Now where did I put my white sox?



Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)



  1. Seen the bass player in previous bands(Blues and Funk)...SERIOUS talent !

  2. I have to admit that from where I was I couldn't see him - sounded pretty good though.
    I do like a bit of funk myself - can recommend Groove Manoova.
    Mmmmh get on down.